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About us

We believe passionately that no-one should pay for a game until they’ve tried it and the only way to know if you like a game is to play it.

We know that PC gaming demands a lot from its users. We are expected to assess if our PC will match complicated and technical ‘Minimum Specs’; wait a long time to download a game, and pay upfront before knowing if we’ll even enjoy the game.

GameSessions offers a fresh option for gamers, letting everyone download and play a wide range of games for free on their own PC. During the trial, you'll have the chance to rent or buy in-game to unlock and play on instantly. You will then be able to play the game through Steam™, without losing your trial progress.

Downloading the game is typically three times faster than from anywhere else due to our unique compression technology, whilst the DRM ensures publishers are happy to let us supply gamers with their latest and greatest games for free.

Who we are…

Right now there are around 20 of us. We're a mix of developers, testers and support staff - all of us keen gamers. We are currently on the look out for more people to join our team to support our growth and to continue improving the PC gaming experience.

We also have the support of some of the most amazing people in the industry:

Ed French

Ed French, our CEO, wrote the first game audio effects for ZX Spectrum videogames whilst still at school. After graduation he went on to lead the audio division of a company involved in headsets and videoconferencing. He has since spent more than 10 years in the venture capital industry and has previously run technology companies. Ed has always been deeply interested in the technology of games and is a keen PC gamer.

Paul Sheppard

Paul Sheppard, our CTO, has worked in the games industry for over 20 years, both in product and technology development. He previously ran the Online Games Programme at ITI Scotland, where he managed the development and subsequent licensing of core anti-tamper technology to Metaforic. Before this he co-founded the New Media group at Eidos, focusing on opportunities in developing technologies with specific emphasis on online and mobile gaming.

GameSessions is a trading name of Tangentix Ltd, registered in England no.06882348