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GameSessions Giveaway offers free copy of MX vs ATV Reflex

GameSessions, the company pioneering game giveaways and trials, today announces a new giveaway of MX vs ATV Reflex.

GameSessions continues to follow through on the promises of the GameSessions Giveaways service, MX vs ATV Reflex is being given away for free by the online service provider. GameSessions works in collaboration with brand partners to deliver a great game to users, for free. The unique reach and engagement of GameSessions Giveaways allows partners to talk to gamers directly whilst gamers get to add a new game to their collection.

GameSessions will offer Rainbow Studios’ MX vs ATV Reflex to download and play for free today (31st May 2018).

Think fast and hang on to your ride as you take independent control of the rider and take the ultimate test of mettle. Dual controls let you tear it up with death-defying tricks and high-flying freestyle action. Fight for traction and dig up the track to leave your mark. Hone in your skills through havoc-laden environments that come alive, creating ever-changing conditions. Rush through raging rivers, slash through swampy everglades, and blaze through desert dunes as the terrain gets altered with every turn. Gain on your opponent's lap after lap as you force the competition to carve new race lines, but beware, they can do the same to you.

Sign up for MX vs ATV Reflex now at

Ed French, CEO of GameSessions commented:

“GameSessions has been delivering free game giveaways for over a year now and we’ve seen the service grow immensely in that time. We’re committed to delivering the best content to our members for free through our trials and GameSessions Giveaways service. We’re are always working on adding more titles to the Giveaways service and getting them to gamers as soon as possible.

After burning rubber in our GRID giveaway, GameSessions is thrilled to be offering the latest game in our Giveaways service, absolutely free! We’re offering the off-road racing game, MX vs ATV Reflex. It’s an arcade racing game with interesting controls, allowing you to shift the weight of the rider for more precise maneuvering. It has a wide variety of vehicles to master along with a diverse array of events designed to test your skill. If you’d rather dive into something less competitive, it also has several mini games to choose from.

After downloading the game, users will be shown a short video about the GameSessions service. The video can be skipped after watching it for the first time. Users will also be shown a brief message from one of our brand partners when they close the game.”

About GameSessions

GameSessions is a technology and digital services provider that enables players to try games for free before purchase, making the process of game discovery and in game purchase quick and easy. GameSessions’ technology is protected by a number of patents and patent applications and many publishers, large and small, have signed up to the service.

To help people find the best games for their computer, a PC performance test is conducted before the download of any game trial.

During any GameSessions trial, users can enjoy the full game for a limited time with the option to rent the game to play for longer or purchase a full copy directly in game for their Steam™ library.

The GameSessions storefront enjoys an ever growing roster of titles which are all available to try for free. With new games being added every month, there’s never been a better time to try what you like and buy what you love at

The GameSessions Giveaways service offers a PC game to users, free of charge. Previous GameSessions Giveaways include Ryse: Son of Rome, Worms Reloaded, Painkiller: Hell & Damnation and Strike Suit Zero.

About the Giveaway

MX vs ATV Reflex will be available to download from for free from 31st May 2018 until 14th June 2018.

Users need to register with then download the game. After playing the game for 5 minutes, the game will be activated on their account and will be theirs to keep for free, forever on GameSessions.

To keep the free copy, users must activate their copy before the 14th June 2018.

Users will be asked to watch a 20 second video about GameSessions before playing the game for the first time. The video is then skippable on future startups of the game.

Occasional in-game overlays will display roughly every hour. These overlays will include information on MX vs ATV Reflex and other related information. Users also have the option to buy a Steam key for MX vs ATV Reflex in game via these overlays.

Users might occasionally see messages from GameSessions and sponsors as well as a branded window that appears for 5 seconds after closing the game.

About MX vs ATV Reflex

Test Your Reflexes

  • Dual controls allow you to control your rider as you power your vehicle independently.
  • Lean in to take tighter turns and higher jumps.
  • Think fast and wrestle your ride back from the verge of catastrophe.

Leave Your Mark

  • Real-time deformation continuously changes the track beneath you with every lap. Dig up the track and force the competition to carve a new race line.
  • Rush through raging rivers, slash through swampy everglades, and blaze through desert dunes as the terrain gets altered with every turn.
  • New terrain engine provides unprecedented driving surface detail never achieved in any other racing game.

Pull Off The Sickest Tricks

  • Dual controls let you tear it up with death-defying tricks and high-flying freestyle action.
  • Intuitive gestures in the Reflex Trick System let you push the limits to pull off the most extreme stunts ever.
  • Impress the judges. Increase your score. Emerge victorious in MotoX Freestyle.


Ed French, CEO

Paul Howes, Publisher Relations & Business Development

George Rule, Marketing